Muh Web Log.

Welcome to my Web Log. This Web Log mostly contains thoughts about Software Engineering or Automation in general.

The idea is that I'm abusing this space to reflect on the Project Architectures when I happen to face some challenging problems. Well, that - or when I'm in the mood to brag about some robots n' other cool shit that I built with pride and prejudice.

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I hope you find this Web Log interesting.
Enjoy your stay.

Web Log.

Date Title Tags
2019-07-31 Cookie's Fat Burning Sports Program sports, real life
2019-04-26 Maintenance of Clearnets privacy, security, network, web browser
2019-02-15 Your Definition of Privacy is wrong privacy, security, web browser
2019-01-18 Implementer's Guide to WebSockets web socket, network, node.js
2019-01-15 Problems with Web Browsers stealth-browser, web browser, semantic web

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